tisdag, maj 15, 2007

Mönstermonstret goes overseas

På väldigt bra bloggen sfgirlbybay kan man läsa den här diskussionen:

Speaking Swedish:
Maybe Mönstermonstret means 'nice blog' in Swedish. I doubt it, but since I can't speak Swedish, I'm going to pretend. Does anyone know what it really means? Anyway, since it's got pretty pictures, like this one, I'll keep checking back.

Posted by sfgirlbybay at 10.3.07


sia said...

Hi, Mönster = designs, patterns, but I can't help you with monstret... maybe it has something to do with monster... The Design Monster?

Anyway, it's a nice blog! {and so is yours...}

Anonymous said...

Hello! Mönstermonstret translates to patternmonster. ;)
/Sippan , sweden

midcenturyjo said...

West German pottery, love it. Thanks for the photo and the link!

sfgirlbybay said...

Ahhh, thanks for the translation! And the nice comments.

Kul med översättningen tyckte jag iaf :D För övrigt rekommenderar jag verkligen sfgirlbybay-bloggen, den är jättebra!


malla said...

Nice blog var väl en ok tolkning oxå! :)

Malin said...

Ja, jag vet väl knappt själv vad namnet innebär :)